Explore Your Passion for Pottery in a Traditional Setting

If you have enthusiasm for pottery, but are searching for more enjoyable and unique learning opportunities, including some that are do it yourself, many other options for improving your skill level exist.

Local Opportunities

Many local agencies, including community college and recreation departments, off night, evening, and weekend courses in basic to advanced pottery and related skills. These are especially good for potters who do not have home access to a kiln and need to have their work fired elsewhere. Some skills can be learned or improved through using DIY learning videos from the Internet, especially Youtube. This site hosts instructional videos on many artist topics brought to you by artists and other enthusiasts from the world over. Check out some serious DIY vids by CeramicArtsDaily

For those who enjoy books that offer instruction in their craft, a visit to your local public library is sure to yield some high-quality materials on the topic. The library may also carry instructional DVDs as well and many library catalogs are searchable from home through the web. But what about more exotic learning experiences?

Going Abroad

You can travel abroad to learn the art of pottery with talented local potters who have years of experience at this art, their livelihood, which can span the generations. One such trip is a visit to Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Once special place for this type of authentic training is Yogyakarta, a center for art and culture in Indonesia that prides itself on its batik, drama, music, poetry, and puppet shows, in addition to its pottery. While there, visitors may book a four-hour pottery experience that is much more than a class on the subject. You could have a hands-on experience, learning and fashioning unique local pottery with a potter who can help you hone your skills and also have the chance to practice with different methods, including using a pottery wheel. Potter skills take time to learn and even more to maintain. For this reason, one method of growing those skills is seldom enough – an artisan needs many methods from which to draw their skill. It’s important to find the methods that work for you!

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