Jackson Pollock and Marcel Duchamp

When you take two artists who were unflinchingly innovative in their artistic choices and imagine a collaboration between them, what do you get? Jackson Pollock painted striking abstract expressionist pieces that crackled with energy. Marcel Duchamp was active in Dada and Surrealist movements, and some of his pieces include found objects, etc.

Marcel Duchamp found artistic glory in the ordinary. Cracked glass and even a urinal have found their way into his art. Jackson Pollock took the plain landscape of a blank canvas and proceeded to make it his own. Combining these aesthetics might produce a truly fascinating piece of art. Say Marcel Duchamp, similarly to his found object “fountain” piece, finds an old bathtub and wants to use it as art. In a collaboration between Duchamp and Pollock, Pollock likely would make the tub his canvas. The result would be an object elevated to artistic importance and then made anew with colour. Of course, as innovators, Pollock and Duchamp may well have been able to think of something new and entirely different from either of their previous artistic endeavors.

Author: Six Art

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