The Puzzle Art Installation & Collaborative Project

When you think of collaboration in art, you likely picture established artists working in a studio, talking about options and beginning to design a piece that expresses their respective visions so they work together. However, not all projects are like that. The Puzzle Art Installation & Collaborative Project is one that involves an established artist and the art of everyday people.

The project was developed by Art is Good and is organized by artist Tim Kelly. The exhibit is made of interlocking puzzle pieces. For ten dollars, would-be exhibitors can purchase a piece, paint it, and return it. The pieces are placed together and put on display.

One of the more unique aspects of this project is its mobility. The project moves to different cities, where more pieces are added. The growing puzzle’s display becomes more prominent as it grows – people walking down the street are gifted with a puzzle comprised of the visions of countless people. Puzzle-piece art includes painted words, landscapes, black-and-white portraits, landscapes, and more. In a globalized world, collaboration is becoming more and more common. The Puzzle Art project is proof that together, people can work to change their outlooks and cityscapes through collective vision.

Author: Six Art

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