Unlikely Artists, Unlikely Consumers

A collaborative art project, called simply the Collaborative Art Project, is sponsored by the California Arts Council. This project aims to challenge the notion that artists must create alone. The Council recruits San Francisco Bay area artists to work together to create art. One of the unique aspects of the program is its design – it’s meant to encourage up-and-coming artists to work together to create meaningful fine art. Artists are encouraged to sell art, so the program also helps artists use their art to sustain themselves.

The lonely-artist belief isn’t the only assumption the Collaborative Art Project is challenging. The project seeks to shatter the notion that only the wealthy and informed can purchase art. The project encourages artists to sell affordable art that can then be consumed by a group of younger purchasers who are usually excluded from art purchase due to price. This democratization of art provides mutual benefits – new artists get sales, and atypical purchasers get quality art at a good price. On a large scale, this remarkable collaborative project is bringing art to more people, restoring it to its place in greater society, not just with a select few.

Author: Six Art

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