Van Gogh and Monet

Of course it can’t happen – Monet and Van Gogh are both long gone. But for the sake of imagination, what would a collaboration between the two look like? Much of Van Gogh’s work - even ostensibly tranquil landscape works – appears fraught with a kind of manic energy. Starry Night is perhaps the most famous example of Van Gogh’s work, as well as one of his most characteristic paintings. Though portrayals are made of a sort of swirl and blur of colour, they are distnctly different from the Impressionist works of Claude Monet.

What would result if these two artists collaborated? Likely a landscape with inexact lines. Somehow, though, the peace of Monet’s Impressionist landscapes would have to coexist with the energy of Van Gogh. Perhaps they’d create a painting of the eerie calm before a storm, with Van Gogh capturing the surreal charged energy in the sky and Monet detailing the flat glass of a body of water, perhaps distant boats afloat. Their opposite uses of blurring and inexact lines would create a sort of paradox in a painting – a juxtaposition of anticipation and calm.

Author: Six Art

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