Yoga in Art

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Yoga in Art

Yoga has been around for centuries, but did you know that, until now, there hasn’t been an art exhibit dedicated to it? The Smithsonian Gallery has put together a comprehensive artistic¬†chronology¬†of yoga through the ages. Called “Yoga: the Art of Transformation,” this exhibit incorporates sculpture and painting, but older Indian manuscripts and later poster, photos, and films are all a part of the exhibit.

Smithsonian Museum director Julian Raby noted that, while this archive of yoga history has existed for centuries, it has remained largely untapped.

Whatever a visitor’s interest in yoga, the museum has something to offer. guest teachers will hold yoga classes at museum galleries on Wednesday and Sunday. Symposiums also will be held so scholars and everyday people can discuss the “visual culture” of yoga.

The collection includes many pieces that haven’t be seen by the greater public before, so the show promises to be unique. While the aesthetics of yoga are of course highlighted, the exhibit also discusses its history and poses.

The new yoga exhibit is unique in its being partially crowd-funded, indicating that, perhaps, the exhibit itself will become a hit among museumgoers.

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